Conditions of deposit

The depositor is the owner of the items and shall retain the title to the items until they have been paid in full. The minimum price shall be determined by the organizer based on the current market situation. The depositor acknowledges that the organizer will retain a 24 % commission from the knock-down price (incl. 20 % VAT). A 30 % commission (incl. 20 % VAT) shall be charged for deposits having a value of less than EUR 300.00. Special terms are available for large deposits. The items shall be auctioned off through the catalog and/or the Internet (at the organizer’s discretion) on the same date. The auctioneer shall not assume any liability for the auctioned goods. He shall take out a special auction insurance (1% of the hammer price) for the depositors account, insuring the accepted good against all risks under this agreement. The depositor shall receive an acknowledgement of order 4 weeks prior to the auction, specifying the items submitted. EUR 20.00 shall be charged for each item taken back or withdrawn. Return-shipment costs for items not auctioned off shall be borne by the depositor. The depositor shall receive the statement of account and payment no later than 6 weeks after the auction. The depositor and organizer shall be bound by this agreement until the deposit is completely processed. Any modifications of this agreement must be made in writing to be legally effective.