Terms of public auction

  1. The auction is voluntary, on behalf and for the account of a third party; all prices are in Euro.The auction is voluntary, on behalf and for the account of a third party; all prices are in Euro.
  2. The organizer shall be authorized to assert all of the depositor’s rights resulting from his orders and the acceptance of bids in his own name.
  3. The highest bid shall be accepted. Bids are not accepted according to the highest price offered but according to the successive auction rates, i.e.

 to € 50,-> € 2,-
from € 50,-to € 100,-> € 5,-
from € 100,-to € 200,-> € 10,-
from € 200,-to € 500,-> € 20,-
from € 500,-to € 1.000,-> € 50,-
from € 1.000,-to € 2.000,-> € 100,-
from € 2.000,-> € 200,-
your bid:€ 200,00
next highest bid:€ 95,00
knock down price:€ 100,00
+ commission 24%€ 24,00
+ € 1,80 per item€ 1,80
final price:€ 125,80
  1. If bids are equivalent, the bid received earlier will be accepted.
    In addition to the price of the accepted bid, the buyer shall pay Euro 1,80 per item and an 24% value added tax of the commission to the organizer.
    Items with $ or § in front of the item number are deposits from dealers or countries outside of the EU. These items shall be subject to $ = 20% VAT, § = 10% VAT on the knock-down price, unless they are shipped by the organizer to a country outside of the EU.
  2. The title shall pass to the buyer upon payment of the purchase price, the risk upon acceptance of his bid. He shall not be entitled to claim the item purchased until the auction invoice has been paid. Shipment of purchased items must be prepaid or C.O.D. and shall be for the Buyer’s account and risk. Those bidding on behalf of third parties shall be directly liable together with such third parties.
  3. Items purchased by auction shall be paid for immediately upon receiving the auction invoice.
  4. Payments that are not received within 14 days after receiving the invoice shall immediatly be subject to 2% default surcharge notwithstanding the 1% interest surcharge accruing each month. The organizer shall reserve the right to sue for part or all of the purchase price or to dispose of the items not collected, or to sell such items for the Buyer’s account, claiming the deficiency in proceeds.
  5. Great care was given to the description of the items to be auctioned off. Any complaints must be submitted to the organizer accompanied by the purchase items within 14 days after their purchase.
  6. The items will not be available for inspection since they have been depicted and described in great detail.
  7. The organizer reserves the rigth to exclude persons from the auction without having to set forth reasons.
  8. The submission of bids shall consitute the Buyer’s acceptance of the terms of public auction.
  9. The value-added tax shall be shown separately.
  10. All shipments to overseas countries must be prepaid.
  11. Salzburg shall be the place jurisdiction and performance.